Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Mike Learns Amsterdam Is Pretty

You can safely publish that in the Journal of Duh, I know. I've been here before, and everyone knows all about the canals. But you really do forget how pretty they are, and how many there are. This city is just lousy with canals.

To recap, I've been here a little over a week, and I feel pretty much settled at this point. My apartment is located in the Jordaan neighborhood, just a couple of blocks from the city center. I live on a busy street (Rozengracht, for aficionados) but it feels like a real neighborhood. There are plenty of restaurants and tailors and ATM machines and other things real people need. It's a very livable neighborhood, and feels very safe due to all the people walking around at 2am.

Warning: This blog doesn't have a clear mission. It's somewhat to keep myself busy at night when the TV is bad (almost always -- more to come), it's somewhat to keep myself taking pictures of things, and it's somewhat to be amusing to all of you. If the two subsequent entries are any indication, I seem to have an eye for minutiae.

I'll have plenty more to say in future episodes, so just gaze at the picture and feel jealous.


At 2:07 PM, Blogger Melissa McDaniels said...

jealous, jealous, jealous
i will visit the blog often, enrolling in, as you say, the "University of Duh".


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