Thursday, July 31, 2008

Discussion Questions

So I’ve read a lot of fine books here – Maurice, for example – but I decided to read some beach novels too. First I read The Rule of Four, the DaVinci Code knockoff from a few years ago, and then I discovered two medical thrillers in the bookcase in my apartment. They have chapter titles like, “MALICE AFORETHOUGHT.” One was a James Patterson Women’s Murder Club book called The 5th Horseman. It turned out alright, like a Law & Order episode with less characterization.

I was finishing the book last night around 1am, amazed how Patterson concluded the primary mystery in three pages. Then I discovered a list of “Discussion Questions” for reading groups, and I immediately started giggling like a schoolgirl. What do you say about a medical thriller?

“I knew Lindsay was always going to get her man.”
“Really, I thought they were going to get away with it!”
I was still laughing when I started reading the actual questions, where were far better. My three personal favorites:

Lindsay’s a working woman, but work is not everything to her. She has her boyfriend, Joe, and of course her dog, sweet Martha. Which do you think is more important to her?

Hospitals play a big role in The 5th Horseman. What feelings do you have when you enter a hospital?

If the Women’s Murder Club had a charter – a guiding statement of principles – what do you think it would stress? Bravery? Loyalty? Keeping It Real?


At 2:32 AM, Anonymous ames said...

ok, this is hardly as hilarious as those questions, but seriously....I'm still laughing twenty minutes later, despite the agonizing stomach muscle pain it's causing! ;)

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